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Turn your brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and marketing collateral into interactive web booklets people want to read in email, click on in social network posts, flip through on your website, and easily remember from your own custom branded URL.

Impress People, Win Business

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The Betsy promotes the wonderful activities taking place at their property.
Eagle outfitters promotes their collections through social media.
Stefanos reaches foreign buyers and renters for vacation properties.
The fountain spa embeds their latest pampering menu on their website.
SanSoleil promotes their protective casualwear to buyers mobile devices.
InspectPro emails their brochure to prospective customers and new customers.

Why Simplebooklet?

You want results, not features.

Promoting your business is important, but engagement is everything. If you aren't communicationg with people in the places they go online, with the tools they enjoy using, then you are missing your opportunities. So why is your marketing collateral just gathering dust in a box somewhere and not out there working for you.

When you put your collateral online, you're squeezing more value from your print investment. You're reaching a much larger potential customer base than your marketing materials ever could if left in print only. And you get all this at a fraction of the cost of print. Your new, html5 friendly, web-ready marketing collateral is counting up the views and getting you more engaged leads.

Our focus with Simplebooklet is that A) it should be silly-easy to convert your print collateral into an online, digital flipping book, and B) every feature is focused on one goal, getting a customer to engage with your business.

It Just Works.

Works flawlessly when viewed on mobile phones and tablets? Check.

Embeds seamlessly on your Website where people can flip? Check.

Sends engaging email messages that people open? Check.

Shares across all my social platforms in posts that get tapped? Check.

Impresses people and wins business? Check.

This could be your online brochure.

We've got features others don't.

Upload Multiple Filetypes
Simplebooklets can be made using PDFs, Docs, ppt, Pages, keynote, word, presentation, eps, and more.

Unique Page Flips
Choose your own transition for your pages from full double page to slides to rotations.

Look professional with your logo, custom domain, and custom backgrounds for your dedicated landing page.

Contact Card
A fully interactive contact card your customers can use to call, email, and find directions to your business.

Interactive Buttons
Enhance your flipbook with video, audio, embed code, comments and call to action buttons that engage your readers.

Passwords and Lead Gates
Capture customer information before letting them read your booklet, on any device.

Share and Email
Send in rich HTML emails and post interactive content to your social feeds.

Add your simplebooklet to any webpage or blog you manage in full flipping glory.

Get an offline copy of your collateral as a PDF, ePub, Mobi, or Doc file and make it available to customers.

Get detailed stats on the reach and engagement of your brochure with advice to improve your promotion.

Create collections of brochures, newsletters, guides, flyers, and more on a dedicated webpage your customers can access multiple booklets.

Awesome SEO
Simplebooklets get discovered. With our optimized SEO code your booklets get high rankings in organic searches.

Famously easy to use. Ready in minutes.

Upload Your File.
So you've got some marketing collaterl saved in a PDF, DOC, PPT, Pages, Keynote, EPS, or more. Just take that file and drop it on the simplebooklet uploader. We'll convert and optimize your file into a compact, superfast loading, html5 ready online flipbook.

Customize To Up The WOW Factor.
Use our customization tools to add call to action buttons, popouts with enhanced video, images and comments. Add a table of contents, your logo, your own domain, and a contact card to put your brand front and center. You choose what tools and features appear for your customers in interacting with your booklet.

Promote Everywhere.
With a click, you can start promoting your simplebooklet across multiple digital channels online. And as customers start flipping, you'll see the results in our detailed analytics.

Success, verified.

There are a lot of services out there that let you put your content online. How will you know simplebooklet is working for you?

With our deep dive analytics, report and stats. We measure the important information when people interact with your online brochure. You'll get answers to questions like Did they share it? Where did they find it? What's their favorite device to view my collateral? Am I getting new leads? You can can even integrate your booklets stats into your google analytics reports in realtime.

We help you get better.

For us, just looking at some numbers doesn't help us understand what we need to do to get better. For that, we've got an optimization dashboard. This provides you insights and tips to keep improving your online content's reach and engagement.

Don't take our word for it.

Here are just a few comments from our users.

"Very comprehensive App with terrific features to generate marketing add-on value. But perhaps it's greatest strength is the AMAZING customer service. We discovered an issue with the Wix integration and within 24 hrs they had fixed the issue on their back-end keeping me informed along the way. FANTASTIC - truly the Gold Standard in customer service. Thanks for a great App and great support!"
Tatjana, Manifesting Fitness

"Excellent customer service in response to our questions. We found simplebooklet easy to use - either edit on the site or upload completed pdf pages. We really like the way our catalogs are presented on screen. Easy to share our catalogs and track analytics."
Piero, Manrique Mural Art

"I was looking around for a flipbook application and had a hard time finding just the right one, until SIMPLEBOOKLET came into my life. Simplebooklet is easy to use and do exactly like you would expect a flipbook to do. The quality of the page turning and the crease in the fold is realistic, you can choose from a number of background to really give your design that personalized feel. The cost is very good especially for a start up like me."
Kenny, Cognition Creator

"This program delivers as promised and offers a whole lot more. The chat help on their website is not to be believed. Responses are instant and the support technician will go to your website to see your issue if necessary. They are constantly improving the program and the range and depth of their free support services."

"You are awesome. I need to tell someone in your organization how great your customer support is. I am soooo happy that we have the Pro Plan."
Michelle,University of Louisiana Lafayette, Office of First Year Experience

Free, forever.

You can make up to 3 simplebooklets for free, and they don't expire. Want more capabilities? Upgrade anytime to a monthly or annual plan. With four plans to choose from, we'll get you to your goal.

My marketing collateral online? Definitely.

Print marketing collateral is a critical, time-tested part of any successful businesses sales and marketing strategy. They get a clear message across to potential customers in as few pages as possible. This compact, direct design works perfectly for the short attention span of online customers. You just need to get your collateral to these customers in the places they go online.

Lots of people give up and try sharing a PDF, Word file, or Powerpoint with customers online. But these files just let customers down: they look like virus riddled email attachments; aren't easily shared on social networks; impossible to add to your webpage; and just plain old boring in their presentation.

That's where simplebooklet comes in. With simplebooklet, your print collateral becomes a professionally presented online piece of content you can share everywhere, on anything. It's like getting a link for your PDF, Doc, or PPT file. All you need to do is share that link with the confidence of knowing that anyone, on any device, can flip through your professional looking online collateral.

Making your marketing collateral work online.

Marketing collateral is designed to concisely communicate your message to customers. To retain that effectiveness online, it's important to do a few things.

Keep the format and layout. Don't try and build a webpage from your collateral, just use each page as its own unique page in our booklet tool. This how the copy and content was designed to be read. Then make sure that content can be magnified and quickly transitions between pages so your readers stay engaged.

Leverage opportunities to create interactions with your readers that you can only do online. Add in buttons and popups that reveal additional content that delights and informs the reader. If there is some content on your collateral that would naturally be something you'd want to click, then make it clickable.

Look professional. PDFs don't wow because they use a generic, vertically scrolling presentation of your content. The presentation of your online collateral can be just as important as the content within it. Make sure you can put your brand front and center and set the stage with your unique, professional style to make sure your customer is impressed. Customizing your navigation toolbar, the background, and the contact card builds confidence in your customer.

Engage with your customer by making it easy for them to contact you. Marketing collateral is only good if it makes a customer reach out to your business. Make sure you've added as many touch points as possible in your online collateral so that its unbelievably easy for your potential customer to call, email, or get directions to your business.

Promote everywhere. Make sure your collateral can be passed around online as easily as possible. Posting to services like pinterest let your content take on a life of its own as it gets pinned to multiple boards for others to discover. Emails are also a great way to see your marketing get forwarded to multiple people (some who may be decision makers).

By making an online flipping book, you are squeezing every ounce of return on the money and time you invested creating that content. For a small amount of effort, you can quickly increase the marketing value of your marketing collateral by tenfold.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We've got answers.

  • How much does it cost?
    Start for free and make up to 3 booklets supported through Google ads. When you are ready to supercharge your marketing, upgrade to any of our plans that best suit your needs. Advertising will disappear and you'll unlock additional features. Our plans range from $3 a month to $15 a month. Compare us to our competitors, we're very competitive: Flipsnack, flippingbook, paperturn, issuu, and Flipbuilder.
  • Do I need any technical skills?
    Nope. Drag your file onto your dashboard and we'll do all the work of optimizing it online. All the customization you do for your booklet pages is through drag and drop tools. Promoting is from easy to use clicks that are integrated with the services you use.
  • I don't have a file, can I start from scratch?
    Yes, you can start with a blank booklet and add your own text, images, and content on up to 200 pages. However, we do recommend for the best results you use an authoring program such as canva, indesign, word, or google docs.
  • Do I need a website?
    Nope. Every simplebooklet gets a custom url and is hosted on simplebooklet. There are no bandwidth or hosting costs, so share your online flip book as much and as far as possible.
  • Can I add it to my website?
    Yes. We have plugins, embed code, and static cover pages so you can add a version of your simplebooklet to your website. They are fully interactive, functioning booklets just like the one you see on your dedicated url.
  • Can I email my simplebooklets?
    Yes. With simplebooklet, you can use our email tools that offer you multiple html rich layouts to send to customers. Even add animated gifs to your emails to increase engagement. Or integrate your simplebooklet with your favorite email service like mailchimp.
  • Can I add video and sound?
    Yes. You can add video and sound directly into the page or launch it from a button that displays the video in a fullscreen overlay.
  • Can I use my brand?
    Yes. Our PRO plan lets you upload your company logo, add custom backgrounds, and even use your own domain so your customer never see's the brand.
  • Can I track readers?
    Yes. We have extensive analytics that allow you to see how your booklets are engaged with by your readers. With our paid plans, you can even add forms, your google analytics ID and lead gates to capture more detailed information about your readers.
  • Can I update my simplebooklets?
    Yes. Every simplebooklet is a living document. If you update any content on your booklet, it will be automatically updated in all the places you've promoted and published it.
  • Who are your competitors?
    We've got some great ones. But we're so confident in our platform that we love to encourage our potential users to compare features and pricing before committing to us. Flipsnack, flippingbook, paperturn, issuu, and Flipbuilder.